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Black dog is the mascot of our company black dog is a puppy rescued from the street so one of the missions of buyingfromasia.com helps to shelter animals every 3 months



Shopping on the internet is increasing over time, shopping on the internet makes it easier day by day, finding things that are not easily available in low cost physical stores. At the same time that the purchases increase the factories in china cause more pollution https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/dec/17/beijing-smog-pollution-red-alert-declared-in-china-capital- And-21-other-cities

And not only that factories the level of contamination with the greenhouse effect increases day by day
What if these companies donated a percentage of their profits to help the planet?
Purchasingfromasia.com we propose that solution, so we decided together with a volunteer in Peru start reforesting. Remembering that this continent is suffering from deforestation and increasing the risk of the child’s phenomenon

Join us on this trip and we want to be an example for other companies to copy us and so we can have alternatives to tackle climate change together

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